11 Incredible Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oils

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Bergamot as an essential oil is one of the most famous and strong alternatives available. Bergamot essential oil falls into the Liliaceae family, a family of commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit. 

Bergamot essential oil is considered as the top-notch of aromas in the oil world, which means it is one of the strongest groups of essential oils that can last up to 24 hours in our body. Bergamot essential oil needs to be diluted in a carrier oil before applying on the skin.

The health benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil:

Bergamot essential oil is defined as a hybrid between a sour orange and a lemon. As a result, the fruit has a sweet smell. The essential oil also bears the same sweet smell and is used in aromatherapy and many medical industries because of its healing benefits. Some of the major benefits of the essential oil are given below:

Improves Blood Circulation: 

The properties of the oil like alpha-pinene and limonene are antidepressant and therefore create the feeling of joy and freshness. Take 2-3 drops of the oil in your palm, rub the oil and cup your mouth and nose, and breathe slowly.

Helps in Digestion:

In Ancient Chinese Medicine, bergamot essential oil was used to ease digestive problems. The oil also was used to soothe indigestion and gas. By stimulating the production of gastric juices, it helps digestion. The oil also helps to break down the foods easily in the digestive tract and also stimulates muscle contractions in the intestines by moving the waste substances through as your body absorbs nutrients. To regulate your appetite or to help digestion, use five drops of the oil and massage the oil in your stomach.

Helps in hormonal secretions:

It stimulates hormonal secretions, gastric acid, insulin, bile, and helps to maintain the proper metabolic rates. This helps to maintain the proper absorption of the nutrients. Use 2-3 drops of the oil in your abdomen.

Heals Infections:

Bergamot kills bacteria, heals scars, and reduces scars and acne. The oil is beneficial for irritable skin. Because of its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties, the oil is used in the soap industry. It also help heals infections of the kidneys, colon, and urinary tract.

Reduces tension and stress:

Using the oil through a diffuser or oil burner reduces stress and tension, bringing mental calmness. The powerful healing properties of bergamot essential oil can stimulate dopamine and serotonin production, making you feel relaxed.

Releases pain:

Bergamot stimulates the secretion of certain hormones and reduces the sensitivity of the nerves that cause pain. As a result, it is very helpful for reducing headaches, sprains, and muscle aches. Try to use five drops of the oil in the affected areas of your body.


One of the great benefits of the Bergamot oil is its scent. The sweet smell and the soothing properties of the oil hinder the growth of the germs that cause body odor. Therefore, the oil is used in the perfume industry. You can apply the oil directly to your armpits or can mix 2-3 drops to your regular deodorant.

Reduces Fever:

Bergamot oil reduces fever as its fight against bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that cause fever. The oil also stimulates the metabolic system and glandular secretions and reduces additional secretion from the eccrine glands (sweat glands) and sebaceous (sebum) glands that lessen the body temperature.

Dental Care:

Bergamot essential oil is applied to the infected teeth to act as a mouthwash to kill germs. It also protects your teeth from cavities. The oil also kills intestinal worms that can cause anemia.

Blood Sugar Control:

Research found that taking a small amount of Bergamot essential oils helps to lower blood sugar levels.


Bergamot essential oil is a natural wound healing or cell regenerative agent that can reduce scars and other blemishes on the skin. It also helps to remove acne because of its antimicrobial properties. The essential oil acts on skin pigmentation lightening dark spots. 

Bergamot Essential oils have so many applications that it’s a must in your collection. You can buy directly from amazon clicking on this link


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