Achieve Success Through Judicious Use of Your Time

Success according to one financial expert, is “rarely an overnight phenomenon. It “is invariably the result of years of effort, of failures and restart, of hurdles cleared and problems avoided”.

Yes, one day you will be where you’ve always wanted to be. But this will, however, depends on how judicious you make use of the time available to you.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and work hard towards achieving them. The future belongs to those who keep pushing on and on, even when they have nothing left. The future belongs to them that do not cower in the face discouragement because they have set a goal so high that even failure, unemployment, recession, depression cannot destroy.

When such ones fail, they get up again and start all over for they see failure as a stepping stone and a reason to learn better ways of doing business.

But back in the days I didn’t understand this philosophy.

Back in the days, I was an avid political critic, supporting one political party against the other and preferring one candidate against the other. I will spend several hours reading political analysis in the news prints, criticizing government’s policies that do not resonate with me and gluing myself to the television to remain politically informed.

There’s nothing wrong with having such a hubby really, other than that I realized along the line that those activities do not add any value to my financial wellbeing. They did not put money in my pocket. They were liabilities holding me captive. They were my comfort zone. And of course a comfort zone is a poverty zone. You do not grow financially in your comfort zone. So I had to break free from these habits to seek personal development. To engage in activities that can enable me leave a legacy. Now I have learned to surround myself with people who can inspire me. I study materials that can promote my financial intelligence.

Presently, many people have yet to realize this. Some feel that, because they have monthly paycheck, they do not need to seek other opportunities. But Robert Kiyosaki said “SALARY alone can not solve your money problems. You need a Secondary Source of income to balance”. And again he said, “SALARY is the MEDICINE for managing POVERTY, it doesn’t CURE it. Only your BUSINESS or INVESTMENT Cures Poverty”.

Which of us do not know someone who was rich previously but is poor now? Have you ever stop to ask why? The “why” of course, is that his income stopped because his job stopped and he does have residual, passive income to keep him afloat. Network marketing affords individuals the opportunity to develop passive income.

Why have some chosen this platform? Among many other reasons, network marketing allows you to set up a business with minimal cost and with little or no overhead. More so, it is flexible. It can be done part time or fulltime and you have the rare privilege to choose the number of hours to work.

Stop hoping that one day government will solve your financial problems. That doesn’t happen anywhere in the world. Your destiny is in your hands and it’s never late to begin right now.

Source by Sunny Ngene


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