Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Magical Cure to Stress

The art of aromatherapy might be centuries old, but it is not limited to massage only. The modern-day practitioners believe and claim that even when the aromatic essential oils are diffused or sprayed in the air, their fragrance also serves as a boon to treat stress and promote relaxation. The oils used in these diffusers are therapeutic grade essential oils – obtained from the flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind or roots of the plants. Known for healing properties, when these oils are diffused or sprayed in the air, they stimulate the nerves in the nose. The impacted nerves are the key elements that send impulses to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. The surprising part is that these oils are so strong that they help in controlling blood pressure, pulse and other body functions while coming in contact with the body’s hormones and enzymes. Some experts also claim that the fragrance of these oils stimulates the body to produce pain-fighting hormones. This way, aromatherapy is an incredible method not only to enhance mental alertness and concentration but also to fight infections, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and stress.

Majorly, the aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from plants through a steam distillation process. However some other processes – like solvent extraction, carbon dioxide extraction, cold pressing, and florals/phytols – are also popular across the world. The best part with oil diffusers is that the user gets maximum benefits via untouched and magical therapeutic treatment. These oils not only moisturize and refresh the air but also offer refreshed mood and better sleep, relieve stress and depression, relieve cough and sinus congestion, fight odors in the house, fight insomnia and improve mental alertness.

While choosing aromatherapy essential oils, always keep in mind the healing effects of that particular oil. For instance, lavender is one such oil that offers fresh, sweet, and floral fragrance – and it is heavily used to fight anxiety, depression, irritability, mental fatigue, panic attacks, stress, etc. on the other hand, sandalwood oil offers a woody and floral aroma that is considered perfect to treat low self-esteem, insecurity, stress, and insomnia. The minty fragrance of peppermint oil is unbeatable when it comes to curing mental fatigue, nausea, headache, exhaustion, vertigo, asthma, and sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil is best known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. This way, it is used to cure respiratory problems like colds, coughs, asthma, and congestion.

Make sure to use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils only. Another thing to keep in mind is – always consult a doctor or aromatherapy expert before using these oils, especially during pregnancy.

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