Arthritis Natural Remedies – Safe and Effective

Arthritis is a chronic disease that affects the joints and muscles. In Greek, it means swelling of the joint. Gout, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid are some of the common forms of this illness. Osteoarthritis generally affects older people but rheumatoid arthritis affects people of any age. It caused joints to swell but it can also affect muscles, tendons and tissues. Arthritis can be very painful in any form.

The arthritis natural remedies are quite effective in controlling arthritic pain. There are many useful and easy natural therapies which have been proven to be very effective. These include using raw potato juice which has been used for many years. The fresh juice of potato when consumed with water in the morning on an empty stomach is considered to be very effective.

A mixture of carrot, celery and beetroot juice or a cup of pineapple juice is also very helpful when consumed regularly. Eating raw or cooked garlic has been proven to control inflammation. Banana also helps control arthritis because it contains high amount of vitamin B6. A continuous diet of only bananas for four to five days is recommended. Eight to nine bananas can be eaten during this period.

One of the causes of arthritis is high uric acid level in the body. Fruits rich in citric acid like lime are beneficial in treating arthritis because they dissolve uric acid. A juice of one lime with water is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. Alfalfa tea has also been proven to be helpful in relieving arthritic pain as well. It should be taken throughout the day about three to four cups for no less than two weeks.

Another way of reducing arthritic pain and soreness is through oil massage. Massaging the affected area gently with mustard oil, Castor oil, or coconut oil mixed with camphor provides immediate relief. Massaging improves blood circulation and the warmth it produced reduces swelling and muscle rigidity. Consuming Castor oil and cod liver oil regularly may also be helpful.

Copper is a metal that is commonly used to treat this condition. Drinking water in a copper cup or wearing copper bracelets or rings is a common and ancient practice. This is believed to strengthen the muscular system and lessen the pain. Swimming in the sea also cures arthritis. The iodine in the sea soothes aching muscles.

Arthritis natural remedies generally do not show dramatic results. The result is usually time-consuming and gradual. However, natural remedies only have mild or no side effects and it requires patience when trying out these natural remedies.

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