Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms – CTS Knumb Me Remedy

A great many cultures believe that herbal remedies play an effective role in healing – even in undoing nerve damage.

Natural salts that you can find in most health food stores, such as ferrum phosphoricum, matricaria recutita, rosemary, ginkgo biloba, kalium phosphate and magnesium phosphate have been found to be helpful. Soaking in diluted solutions prescribed by experienced herbalists can provide pain relief… and appear even to heal some nerve damage and numbness.

What is not known is how or why they help. Some herbalists hypothesize that they meet the brain’s nutritional needs while promoting balance to the nervous system.


A remarkable product used in Australia to combat the pain and numbness of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Knumb Me Oil. Only available in certain markets, it has had superb reviews from many users.

If you can find it in your area, give Knumb Me Oil a try. Its main ingredients are garlic, hot peppers, clove oil and olive oil. How can they help?


One of the oldest and most popular natural herbal remedies, garlic has been used for a variety of ailments throughout the centuries.

Some purists would tell you that garlic is most effective raw or freshly squeezed. It has almost no unpleasant side effects other than its strong, pungent odor which can be overpowering to some.

Through the centuries, it has been found effective in treating infections, high cholesterol, heart disease, earache and, yes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Legend, of course, also says it even repels vampires! Garlic has been found preserved in Egyptian tombs and praised in Phoenician texts.

A number of companies today offer odorless pills and oil.


One of the oldest analgesics known to mankind is capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers hot. It is said to be enormously effective against chronic Carpal Tunnel pain because of its warming sensation.

Some CTS sufferers recommend applying a poultice of ground-up hot peppers, then tightly wrapping the affected area.

Throughout history there have been scores of medical applications for capsaicin – from weight loss to relief from symptoms of the common cold.


Clove oil is a natural painkiller with antibacterial properties – and is available at most pharmacies and health food stores. It is one of the oldest known remedies for toothache.

CTS sufferers report that it brings pain relief when applied topically and massaged into the affected area.


The medical benefits of using olive oil in food preparation are well known. However, olive oil is one of the earliest known skin moisturizers. For centuries, it has been used before shaving.

Tests with mice shows that olive oil rubbed on the skin protects against skin cancer and sunburn.

Only rarely does it cause allergic reactions. Traditionally, it has been used as laxative as well as an ear-wax softener. Studies have shown it effective in reducing heart disease.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers who are interested in trying homeopathic remedies may well also want to seek out a product known as Night Sprint.


Helichrysum is a highly celebrated and aromatic oil from Corsica. It has been used over the ages for calming nerves, softening skin and giving relief from insect bites.

When mixed by an herbalist with certain salts, it is reported to be effective against CTS when applied topically on the affected area.

The word Helichrysum comes from the Greek helios or sun and chrysos or gold, the color of some of the flowers from which it is extracted. It has been used since the time of Homer. The ancient Greeks valued it for its great wound-healing ability and in treating asthma, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis, migraine headaches, liver ailments, skin burns, and psoriasis.

Richly aromatic, it soothes the body and is even said to ease depression. It has a subtle scent of honey and flora.

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