Fighting Cancer With Sabah Snake Grass

Sabah snake grass is one of the latest hype in the herbalist world now. Many people and herbalists are talking about how this wonder grass has benefited or cured cancer patients. If you Goggle the keyword ‘Sabah Snake Grass’, you will easily find a long list of articles relating to this wonder grass.

People who heard about this wonder grass are curious about. Many of them are trying to find out more information from previous users. The most talked about benefit of consuming the grass, is probably its ability to cure cancer. You can find many stories in the Internet on how previous cancer patients have recovered after taking sabah snake grass. Although, there is no scientific evidence to show that the herb really works, many cancer patients are willing to give it a try, especially when it does not cost much to do so.

I hope to share my knowledge and experience with this wonder herb here with those who are interested to know more.

I have a family member who is in the second stage of cancer. Although he is seeking regular medical treatment with a local hospital, there is no guarantee of a fully recovery. Therefore, consuming sabah snake grass as an alternative herbal treatment is a natural choice as it does not cost a lot to do so.

How To Consume

You can either consume sabah snake grass in fresh or dried forms.

Fresh leaves are usually consumed in two ways. You can chew the fresh leave like chewing biscuit. The taste is like chewing green leave in your mouth. Alternatively you can blend with clean water into paste. The paste can be consumed directly. If you like it to be more watery, just add more water. If you find the taste too plain, you can add some green apple juice to spice it up.

Dried leaves are mixed with hot water and drink like normal Chinese tea.

Many people are querying whether consuming fresh leaves is better that dried ones. It has not been proven scientifically that fresh leaves are better or more effective than the dried ones. But from our experience, we believe the fresh ones are better.

Side Effect

Sabah snake grass is a very cooling herb. If one consumed too much over a short period, he or she will experience fluctuating bone ache. This happened when the patient consumed about 300 leaves a day. Therefore one good way to neutral the cooling effect is to add a few slices of ginger to the herbal concoction or balance it with homemade ginger drink. This was the advice given by a local traditional Chinese medical physician.

Storage Period

From my experience, freshly harvested leaves can last about a week in normal room temperature. But if they are stored in a refrigerator without prior washing, they can last two weeks or more. When consuming, you should only wash the quantity that you needed.

Dried leaves can last a lot longer. They can last more than a month when kept in a dry place under normal room temperature.

We hope you have benefited from my sharing here. If you like to know more about this wonder herb, sabah snake grass, please feel free to drop by my blog…

Source by Thomas Wong


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