Flower Essences For Growth And Well-Being

Walking through a colorful field of wildflowers, we encounter a waft of fragrance and breath in deep, attempting to take in the heady, illusive perfume. Flowers awaken our senses. We associate flowers with weddings, funerals, parties, and other important occasions. We profess our love with flowers. They are given to an ill friend in hopes that they will help them heal faster or better or at least brighten their spirits. Perhaps our association with flowers has a more instinctual genesis.

Before we became “Modern”, there was a time on the planet when humans lived in caves or crude shelters, hunted and gathered their food, and relied on their innate sense of the natural world for their health and well-being. It was a time when humans lived in harmony with their environment and accepted and were grateful for the gifts of the animal, mineral, and plant worlds for their survival and sustenance. At that time there was an ongoing, open exchange of intelligence between humans, animals, plants and the elements. With civilization we’ve learned to shut down the more primal parts of ourselves and become convinced that logic and rational deductive thinking is the only legitimate way to perceive and relate to the world. This numbing and manipulation has eroded from our hearts and minds the sense of magic and wonder that comes from being allowed to develop our intuitive and creative senses without oppression.

Is there some way for us to recover this lost innocence and liberty? Our desire for change is the beginning but we need tools to assist in the process. One of the most important tools we have for implementing this evolution is the healing energy derived from the flowers known as the “essence”. This is not the essential oil but the actual life-force intelligence of plants captured in water, taken internally in small doses over a period of time. This gentle, subtle form of “medicine” has been proven to effect profound positive shifts in people and animals at deep levels of the soul and psyche.

Since ancient times, the healing art of flower essence therapy has been utilized by humans and animals. Except for a few intact indigenous cultures though, this curative modality was lost to modern man until the renowned British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, re-discovered it and re-introduced it to the world in the 1930’s through his original 38 essences. This was during one of the darkest times in our recent history and Dr. Bach was doing what he could to offer some assistance on the deeper emotional and spiritual realms.

Over the past thirty years or so, the number of flower essence developers around the globe has grown steadily. There are now over 8,000 different essences available and they’re coming from places like the Amazon, Himalayas, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, New Zealand, all over North and South America and beyond. The essences that are being produced are not just from flowers. There are gem elixirs, animal essences, sea essences, environmental essences, astrological and elemental elixirs, and angelic and cosmic essences. It’s possible now to find vibrational remedies that deal with just about every human condition and issue.

Here are a few specific examples of issues or disorders and some of the essences that can assist in the process of transformation in these areas:

Help eliminate false psychic or emotional residue: Asparagus, Bitterbrush, Fireweed, Mountain Pennyroyal, Pinedrops.

Release of grief and toxic emotions/Renewal: Black-eyed Susan, Calliopsis, Eucalyptus, Manzanita, White-veined Mallow.

Work with chakra and soul trauma: Arnica, Comfrey, Star of Bethlehem, Star Solomon’s Seal, Sweet Pea.

Invoke strength, courage, trust, boundaries: Blue Penstemon, Chaparral, Lodgepole Pine, Monkshood, Willow.

Inner Child Healing: Borage, Rabbit Brush, Shooting Star, Willow Herb, Zinnia.

Grounding: Corn, Groundsel, Narcissus, Squaw Carpet, St. John’s Wort.

Will assertion/Vision: California Fuschia, Chaparral, Gayophytum, Mountain Pride, Saguaro.

Higher heart and mind/Liberation: Basil, Brewer’s Angelica, Explorer’s Gentian, Hyacinth Brodiaea, Pansy, Star Lavender.

Creativity and expression: Blue-Pod Lupine, Cosmos, Iris, Lilac, Pear.

Vitality (Chi)/Earth energy: Aloe, Indian Paintbrush, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Squash.

One of the most beautiful aspects about essences is that they have absolutely no toxic side-effects. There’s no substance involved, only pure healing energy. This energy is a pattern that is different in every plant (like our fingerprints) and when these patterns of energy interact with our multi-dimensional energy (chakras, meridians, nadis, subtle bodies), a shift or re-balancing to a healthier, more harmonious state of being comes about. This process, of course, generally takes place over a period of time allowing us to move into new perspectives and shed limiting patterns slowly and gently.

Today, we feel the demand of a changing culture. Those repressed aspects of the collective soul bodies are awakening to an emerging renaissance of true intelligence and wisdom of the body-mind-spirit connection. We want to evolve. We want to heal and reclaim those parts of ourselves that have been dismissed and thrown aside. Feelings of longing for the forgotten links we once shared with our Earth companions is resurfacing.

With the multitude of healing modalities and programs emerging at this time, it can be difficult to choose what will work best for us. By incorporating flower essence therapy into our daily practices we can strengthen our resolve to stay on our course of personal growth and healing. The nurturing energy of the essences can assist other forms of natural healing and transformation in a beautiful, complimentary way. As long as we maintain patience and stay committed to our path, we can break through to new levels of love, understanding, and manifesting. Essences are the perfect ally to take with us on this evolutionary journey.

Flower essence therapy as a healing art, at this time is poised and ready to be accepted by a more mainstream audience. The way we think about and utilize essences is going through a major paradigm shift. With our growing complexity as multi-dimensional beings and the accelerating frequencies of the planet, a new methodology is emerging. The Bach-era strategy of using a few essences at a time is giving way to the idea of taking essences in complex, synergistic blends and is proving to be remarkably effective for many. Our fast-paced, sophisticated, and stressful lives demand more potent and focused vibrational remedies.

To create an effective, synergistic flower essence formula, a good frame of reference is the idea of the medicine wheel. There is a central or core issue, or group of issues, and the supporting essences address the issue(s) from many points on the wheel. As an example, if you’re addressing something like fatigue you would want to include energy factors around mental overload, physical vitality, spiritual capacity, earth connection, chakra and subtle body alignment, self-nurturing, natural cycles and rhythms, ands so on. A balanced formula can easily have fifteen or more essences in it and the numbers are really not a factor as long as there is synergy.

For those who are committed to becoming their optimum, liberated, emotionally sober selves, flower essences and other vibrational remedies are key self-healing tools. They will help us to unlock the door to our hidden wisdom, love, beauty, and truth.

Source by Holly Beatie


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