Harvest Time for Morrowgrain in World of Warcraft

Anyone who has ever visited the Un’Goro crater will know that there is a load of rubbish on the floor that gets collected by new players in the vague hope that they’ve stumbled upon something worthwhile. However unless they come across the Ravasaur Hatchling they are very unlikely to get more than a few silver for their troubles.

What I want to look at today is how with a bit of preparation you can make a nice profit using the Un’Goro soil that is found all over the zone.

First thing we need to do is head over to Darnassus and complete the quest chain ending in The quest involves a bit of flying back and forth from Darnassus to Un’Goro so be prepared to have a tea break or two during the flights. Once you have completed the quest chain you are able to use the Evergreen pouch whenever you want.

The pouch allows you to grow as much Morrowgrain as you want and is mostly there for getting reputation points with Darnassus. However the Morrowgrain can be sold on the auction house silly amounts of profit. This is a new item I’ve recently added to my gold making strategy and have sold 12 stacks in 3 weeks at a price of 80g per stack or 4g per Morrowgrain. On my server Un’Goro soil sells for 15s a piece and the seed sells for 10s from the vendor making the combined price of the ingredients 40s for a product that sells for 10 times that price!

There is one catch however. You wont increase your gold ten fold as some of the Morrowgrain comes out mutated and unusable. Sources online vary but the general rule of thumb is that anywhere between 30-50% of your seeds will yield Morrowgrain. This percentage is higher for those who have herbalism as a profession but is still high enough to be profitable for those without.

Another thing to note is that as well as people buying these for reputation they are also used as a reagent in making the Cenarian herb bag which makes marketing them to tailors an option for further profits, however the price tailors are prepared to pay will be heavily influenced by the price of the herb bags on your server and the availability of bigger bags.

This leaves us with nothing more to do but go do the quest chain, add Un’Goro soil to our snatch lists and stock up on seeds then sit back and wait for the gold to start rolling in!

Source by Thomas Urban


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