How the Use of Essential Oils Saved the Life of 4 Traders in Time of Pandemic

In 1413 these spice traders were not allowed to continue working thanks to the bubonic plague, they turned to rob the bodies of the dead and dying. They never got sick. Wonder why?

The black plague, which also started in China, spread to the entire known world thanks to rats and fleas carrying the disease while traveling with sailors. During this time, measurements were put in practice. One of those measurements was the 40 days isolation time required for all ships entering to seaports during the time of the plague. This was called quarantena, meaning “forty days”. Today, quarantine is now the main word used for the restriction of movement and people to prevent disease or pests.

Spread of Black Plague — Use of Essential Oils
Spread of the Black Death

Our perfume and spice traders weren’t allowed to continue trading and sailing due to the extent of the outbreak. Due to these restrictions, the lack of knowledge in any other craft, and facing death by hunger, they turned to rob the bodies of the dead and dying, although never getting sick.

These guys were very successful at beating the disease or “Pestilence” as it was called, but they couldn’t escape justice and were arrested. When they were imprisoned, the judge offered them leniency if they revealed how they could commit robberies without getting sick.

Our thieves come from a long lineage of spice traders and apothecaries with knowledge in herbs and remedies. They were able to make a concoction of essential oils, herbs, and other spices using vinegar as a carrier, rubbing themselves with it. The thieves applied their essential oils to their hands, ears, temples, feet & their mask over their mouth, creating a protective layer, keeping them safe from infection. Our heroes (or anti-heroes) knew the benefits and properties of these herbs and oils, like this study at Johns Hopkins University that found certain essential oils could kill a type of Lyme bacteria better than antibiotics.

In recent years both doctors and the public have rediscovered the medical value of essential oils, but the idea of using their properties to maintain or regain health goes back to antiquity… The Romans had their knowledge of essential oils from the Greeks, who in turn had received it from the Egyptians… Hypocrites, for example, tackled the plague epidemic in Athens by fumigating the whole city with aromatic essences of plant oils. Later in the 19th century, it is known that perfumery workers always showed an almost complete immunity during cholera outbreaks.

Essential Oil expert Dr. Jean Valnet

There are many who would argue that herbs and essential oils today are not the same as what was used then, but there is no argument against the immune-stimulating and antimicrobial properties of these aromatics that compete with and even surpass many of today’s antiseptic medicines and antibiotics.

So what was included in this recipe and why would it work so well? Here I show you a list of essential oils used in their remedy:

Essential Oils Used In Time of Pandemic:

Clove is a powerful anti-bacterial and is known to help reduce pain, while also providing anti-allergenic properties to the body making it ideal in balancing the autonomic nervous system and subduing hypersensitive nerve pain. *Don’t apply to skin undiluted. Get it here >

Lemon is known to dramatically impact the endocrine system and function as a cleaner, scrubber, detoxifier, and renewal resource for the proper function of this vital system. Can also aid in stimulating the immune system by helping to regulate white blood cell production. Buy it here>

Mandarin Orange has constituents that act as an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial-and can help to clean the lymphatic system, lower blood pressure, and build the immune system. Get it Here >

Lime has many of the above properties that are associated with the other citrus oils. Buy it here>

Ravensara has constituents that target the endocrine system with a special emphasis on the respiratory function as it’s able to battle harmful bacteria and viruses including those ailments which have been endured long-term. Get it here>

Cinnamon Bark is highly anti-viral, thus it primarily boosts the immune system while it subdues inflamed tissues. In addition, It’s also known for it’s mucolytic action (drying properties) which makes this oil ideal for battling mucus congestion throughout the body. I also acts as an antibacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic. Buy it Here>

Eucalyptus directly affects the respiratory system. It can attack viruses that create mucus in the body and assists with opening the lungs. Get it here >

Thyme is primarily known as the proven as a formidable foe against Anthrax and others like immune busting invaders. In recent studies, this essential oil was found to be a key player to any first-aid kit as a result of the immediate benefits it can have on the body in a time of crisis. It is an expectorant and cough suppressant. Buy It here >

Oregano possesses key constituents which are powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial making it vitally useful against many common disorders caused by bacterial, viral, fungal, and microbial infections. It’s trademark “heat” is indicative of its ability to fight corrupted or compromised cells, destroy them and then assist in the elimination of them from the body. These powerful constituents are even capable of killing parasites. Get it here >

When you combine the powerful properties from each of these plants into one blend, it is extremely effective at strengthening immunity and fighting infections. Make sure you choose 100% pure essential oil, therapeutic grade, and approved for internal consumption, E.O.B.B.D guaranteed. Essential oils that don’t pass this standard can cause more harm in your body instead of being helpful. Synthetic, chemically extracted essential oils are not safe for therapeutic or medicinal use.

Between our list of essential oils and herbal blends similar to the thieves’ secret recipe, our favorite blend is “Five Guards” which is based on the yore tales we just wrote about. Excellent for aromatherapy, the blend has a 99.968% kill rate against airborne bacteria after only 12 minutes of diffusing. Don’t believe me, read the reviews here >

For these moments of crisis, essential oils will provide you with new tools to keep your body healthy and ready, and also are good companions for your mind and soul.


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