Home Remedies to Untie Tubes

Each year all over the world many couples decide that their family is complete. This is when they will make the decision as to what type of birth control will work the best for them. Many will decide on what is the best permanent sterilization for their particular situation. The two most known forms are vasectomy in which the male undergoes the sterilization procedure. The other is tubal ligation which is the female form of sterilization. Many women choose to have the tubal ligation immediately following the birth of their child. The tubal ligation procedure is performed right after a c-section in most cases. Couples figure that if the woman is already in the procedure the ligation can be performed and have everything taken care of at the same time.

For some women there comes a time following the sterilization that they wish to have another child. Although IVF is usually given as the first option, many couples do not like the idea of this procedure. Other couples just cannot afford the expense of the IVF treatments. IVF is expensive and many couples have had to take large loans and are now repaying them back. Unfortunately, these couples were not informed about tubal reversal surgery and are now searching for the best way to have a child.

Those who do not have the money for the infertility treatment of IVF or tubal ligation reversal surgery will look for another way. A determined couple will keep searching and trying to look for something that will help them have a child. Searching the Internet will often give them the idea that a home remedy may be available to help untie the tubes.

There are home remedies to untie tubes posted on certain websites. Some promise to have fertility restored in a few weeks while others promise pregnancy almost right away. The sad thing is that these home remedies do not work. Two choices for pregnancy is IVF where the damaged fallopian tubes are bypassed or surgical correction used in reversal surgery. There is nothing ‘natural’ that is going to help repair the fallopian tubes that have been surgically damaged or severed. The problem is many couples will spend thousands of dollars only to learn it was in vain. The money spent could have been used towards tubal reversal surgery.

Home remedies have not been medically proven to work. No scientific studies are yet available. Although the human body is a remarkable creation and does heal itself it has not yet been proven successful using home remedies to heal damaged fallopian tubes. The two ways medically and scientifically proven to have a baby following tubal ligation is tubal reversal surgery and in vitro fertilization.

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