How to Stop Heartburn – Using Natural Remedies & Modifying Personal Habits

Understanding how to stop heartburn can make all the difference for people who suffer with it on a regular basis. Heartburn will vary in terms of its severity, but the most persistent cases of heartburn can make it difficult for patients to even function. Often times, people who are experiencing chronic heartburn need to get to the root cause of the heartburn itself.

They need to confirm that it isn’t a symptom of something more severe. Patients should also ideally modify their personal habits, many of which may be causing or contributing to their heartburn symptoms. For example; the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoking can aggravate your digestive system, accelerating your heartburn symptoms.

However, knowing how to stop heartburn is still useful for anyone. Plenty of people will experience heartburn from time to time. Even people who are trying to make lifestyle changes to reduce their incidences of heartburn may have a difficult time eliminating it entirely. Many people try to stop their heartburn symptoms directly by using antacids. Antacids are usually effective at eliminating mild symptoms of heartburn. People who are experiencing very severe heartburn may need to take particularly strong antacids. Some chronic heartburn sufferers may end up trying multiple antacid brands in order to find one that really works for them.

Knowing how to stop heartburn still goes beyond choosing the right type of antacid, however. Antacids will usually come with guidelines on how often they should be used. People with severe and chronic heartburn should try other remedies for coping with heartburn as opposed to relying exclusively on antacids. Some people can experience some relief from heartburn symptoms by drinking more water, since water is neutral. Other people have tried herbal remedies, which typically have few side effects and can usually be consumed more often than antacids. Some people have managed to relieve heartburn and other digestive symptoms by taking ginger, often in capsule form.

People who are trying to learn how to stop heartburn will often have to experiment in order to find what works for them. Some methods are surprising. Oddly enough, a number of people have found success by chewing gum when they start feeling heartburn. Chewing gum causes people to secrete more saliva, which is a highly neutral fluid that can counteract their stomach acid. People naturally swallow more when they’re in the process of chewing gum, which is one reason why chewing gum is also effective for people who have sore throats.

The efficacy of milk as a heartburn remedy is disputed, but some people have successfully relieved their heartburn by drinking skim milk. Knowing how to stop heartburn means being familiar with a variety of different methods, since everyone’s situation is different. Still, people who alternate between different methods should eventually be able to find something that’s effective.

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