Islamic Gifts For Afiyah Or Well Being

When a loved one is suffering from the grips of an illness, it is emotionally and physically taxing for them. At times like these thoughtful gifts can be just what they need to boost their spirits and health. Islamic gifts for Afiyah or well being are a great way to help your loved ones recover from their illness, but it is important to get them things that are useful for them.

Certain things that make wonderful and thoughtful Islamic gifts as a get well soon statement include pure honey bottles, as honey can cure a number of minor illnesses from sore throat and runny nose to heart disease, arthritis to upset stomach and even when rubbed into an insect bite, it helps alleviate the pain and discomfort from the sting. Dates are very frequently given as Islamic gifts between Muslim brothers and sisters and dates are not only delicious in taste, but also help to cure certain ailments such as stomach related problems such as constipation and even to a certain extent in stomach cancer.

Black seed is another very important medically proven item that can be given as an Islamic gift for Afiyah. It helps to heal many symptoms ranging from high blood pressure, toothaches, asthma, gastrointestinal problems to allergies and skin diseases. Its oil is easily available in exquisitely designed decanters which can later be used as a decorating item around the house. Herbal and revitalizing teas can also make up a part of your care package to the special someone feeling under the weather. There are different blends used for different purposes, and you can select the one that will be the most suitable based upon the needs of your patient.

Other Islamic gifts can include a book of prayers which hold special benefit during an illness, prayer beads which the patient can easily use even while lying in bed. Soothing creams, incense, relaxing scented candles, fruits and treats, all can assist them in coming out of the blues that make you down when you are sick.

There are a number of places that create beautiful and useful gift baskets loaded up with all the essential items like food and other Islamic gifts that are well appreciated by the receiver. In addition, the choice of baskets allow the buyer to select either a wicker, wooden, metallic or a plastic basket, which the user can later on utilize in some other use around the household. Once wrapped in beautiful wrapping, these Islamic gifts baskets create a stunning effect that is sure to brighten up the patients day!

Source by Sohail Khan


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