The New Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer

This updated look at the up and coming trillion dollar wellness industry expounds upon the original Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer. This industry has already grown to over $500 billion and it is still in its infancy. The book lays a foundation covering our current health crises in America and explains the need for changing the paradigm of the sickness industry to a focus on wellness.

From a discussion on the misconceptions about the food we buy and eat, to the dangerous pharmaceutical industry and the maintenance drugs that they sell us, and the need for extensive reform of health insurance, Paul dissects the sickness industry and calls out the perpetrators who continue to profit on our sickness. Mr. Pilzer then explains several major business opportunities found in changing this industry by helping others through wellness programs, including a major focus on the direct sales industry and its roots in wellness products.

I highly encourage everyone to explore the opportunities found within the pages of this great book. The health research alone provides great advice and certainly some eye-opening statements that will make you rethink your own health and nutrition.

What you will find inside:

  • The need for wellness and the baby boom generation
  • Nutrition and problems with food and diet
  • Making a fortune in food
  • Making a fortune in medicine
  • Important health insurance problems and solutions
  • Financing your wellness through new health insurance solutions
  • Making a fortune distributing wellness
  • The roots of wellness products and distribution through direct selling
  • Tips for the staking your claim in this upcoming revolution

Source by Jamison L Bennett


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