2 Energetic Hobbies For Your Physical, Mental Emotional Wellbeing

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People enjoy being active whether it be skipping in your back yard or snowboarding down some amazing slope on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It gives them interest, whether it by oneself or with other people, and keeps your body healthy. So what are two energetic hobbies that benefit your physical and emotional well being?

1. Sport:

Playing a sport is great for your wellbeing and fitness, competition and socializing, whether it be a big team sport like rugby or netball or more on an individual sport like tennis or squash. There are many sports to choose from as you have seen in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The choice will be narrowed down by what is available where you live and of course your interest in big team sports or the more individual type ones. Let’s take golf as an example. You can play this game competing for yourself or you can join up with others and be part of a team e.g. four players. It is a great sport for being outside and getting the fresh air, playing a round of 18 holes with a group of friends, and then have a social chat afterward at the clubrooms. You can also have a great time traveling the many golf courses in the world. There is nothing like a tropical golf game in the sun!!

2. Exercising:

How does a dance class followed by a sudoku sound? These are two ways you can exercise your body and to increase your wellbeing. With the first exercise you workout your muscles and the second exercise your brain and helps stimulate the mind. Exercising is important as part of your overall health and emotional wellbeing.

People feel good after physical exercise and finds it helps with overall energy levels. There are many ways to exercise from doing the housework, walk or run around the block, weights, and aerobics at the gym and any form of dance and sport.

People also feel fantastic and a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a puzzle, as in sudoku. There are also various other ways to stimulate the mind including playing memory games with the kids. It is great to relax in the bath or bed with a puzzle or two as an alternative to reading a novel. And what is better than a session of physical exercise followed by a session of mental exercise?

So here you have it, the choice is yours. All you need to do is decide on a sport, keep fit for it and then do some brain games for the benefit of your mind because at the end, your wellbeing is more important than anything else.

Source by Hilary Daglish


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