Well-Being is Lined Up Outside YOUR Door

This morning during my morning ritual of inspirational reading, journaling and caffinating, I read “Well-being is lined up outside your door” in Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

What struck me as a home-based woman entrepreneur, is how much help and support for our success is available to us in every moment. AND chances are, exactly what you need to grow and expand is OUTSIDE your door.

I reflected on how true this has been in my life this week. On Monday evening, my gal pal Jodi invited me to an Arbonne event http://www.QueenGina.MyArbonne.com, where I met so many healthy, motivated, financially successful women.

As we were leaving the event, she keenly noticed some brochures left on a table about a local success coach. Jodi handed one to me, and the next morning I was having a fabulous conversation with Michelle Paquette http://www.AllWaysConsult.com, who then turned me on to, http://www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com. I immediately contacted Pam, who generously shared with me what an incredible group it really is! They meet at a country club in the Los Angeles area and truly support the business growth of its members (and have lots of other cool events too).

Well, all of this was so much fun and I was clearly in the groove, so since I’ve been meaning to contact http://www.EWomenNetwork.com FOREVER (because I hear so many women rave about it), I decided to phone them and that same day I got an almost immediate phone call from my local chapter representative. Women who work from home, at first can love the “freedom” of having the home office and getting their “job” done in lounge wear. However, if they’re not careful, isolation can quickly set in. And what was once the once “grand idea” of being free, all of the sudden can switch to confinement.

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Personal & Financial Well-Being:

1. Stay connected to your desire and have a clear picture in mind of exactly what you want to create. (Vision boards are great reminders of all of what you love. Also, posting sticky notes around your pad help to frequently have you focus on your goal).

2. Especially if you’re a home-based woman entrepreneur, GET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR DOOR! Some great women’s groups that I know of include: *Arbonne International (AWESOME beauty products AND business opportunities!!!) http://www.QueenGina.MyArbonne.com *E-Women Network http://www.EWomenNetwork.com *Wild Women Entrepreneurs http://www.TheWildWE.com *http://www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com (Los Angeles Area) National Association of Women Business Owners http://www.nawbo.com *Queen Esther’s Royal Strategies for Success, How to Create YOUR At-Home Online Empire

Plus find additional local networking groups in your area!

And if you would like to turn me on to others, email me at Gina@EstherExperience.com

3. Always nurture your femininity and continually bring out the Queen in you. Resources to enhance your feminine energy & beauty include: *”For Such a Time As This” Teleseries, teleclass@EstherExperience.com http://www.GoddessGift.com http://www.CallingInTheOne.com http://www.DailyCandy.com http://www.QueenGina.MyArbonne.com 4. Receive support spiritually and psychologically, here are some great resources: http://www.SpiritualMakeovers.com http://www.WholeSelfKnowing.com http://www.Marianne.com For INCREDIBLE NLP coaching on how to unhook your limiting beliefs, Alex@ResultsQueen.com

5. Stay connected to friends and colleagues overseas. You don’t have to lose touch with people who feed your soul just because they moved back to Australia…Roxy I’ll be calling you this week! 🙂

http://www.CallingCards.com gives you great rates (as low as 2 cents/minute to call over seas) http://www.Skype.com

6. Get active…it’s summer time! There’s so many options: call a girlfriend to schedule walks, or join a gym, hire a personal trainer, take a yoga or pilates class are all possibilities.

Here are a few of my favorite workout dvd’s: http://www.SlimIn6.com Hip Hop Abs http://www.beachbody.com/jump.jsp?itemType=GATEWAY&itemID=239

7. Be your own best friend. Remember to take time for yourself, be with yourself and affirm all that you do and all of who you already are. You’re likely to be quick with a compliment for someone else. This week make sure to spend time with you and to truly be your own best friend.

Know that all of what you desire for your life is possible and attainable. Use these 7 tips to really show up in a big way this week. Let yourself get out of your comfort zone and go discover what is on the OTHER side of your door!

© 2007 Gina Ratliffe

Source by Gina Ratliffe


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