Wind Chimes – How to Enhance Your Wellbeing With Motion and Sound – Using Wind Art for Healing

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At the end of the day, we all want to relax and enjoy our space, whether it be a backyard porch or an urban balcony. We all want to feel relaxed and recharged.

Nature has provided us with many ways to relax-the beautiful landscape, the wonderful lakes, and beaches across the country. One often-overlooked element of nature that is available right in our own space, is the soothing sound of the wind. The gentle tinkling of glass wind chimes, to a deep resonating tone of a large bass-tuned chime, to the silent graceful movement of a metal wind sculpture.

The wind has served many purposes for mankind. Through the ages, man used sails to capture the wind power for transportation, windmills to provide energy and lodging, fan blades to provide comfortable microclimates, flags, and banners in commerce and country identification, and weathervanes to give us direction. The often-overlooked quality of enriching our health is something to stop and think about.

In the same way that waves crashing on shore soothes us, so can the movement of wind. The sights and soothing sounds produced by the wind are thought to affect our energy and bring us calm and balance. The problem is: most people are unaware of the powerful influence on our wellbeing, and the profound effect it can have on our health. All that is necessary is to utilize wind art through motion or a wind chimes sound to become attuned to its healing effects. Not only is it readily available, but capturing its delights is also very inexpensive.

The term Feng Shui has become very popular in recent years as a decorating tool, yet the healing properties of the practice have been around for centuries. The term Feng Shui literally means the flow of wind and water. Through the ages, wind chimes have been used to ward off negative energy. The beautiful sound produced by wind chimes has an effect on the movement of “qi” or energy. Wind chimes and wind bells have been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, and welcome benevolent spirits. They are thought to guide us to our spiritual self by tuning in to the power of the unseen in nature. They can be used as conscious tools for tuning into the relaxing and soothing power of nature.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to using the wind to provide us with comfort, relaxation, and health. Try one of the many ways to start your journey to attunement.

Precision-tuned wind chimes, from tiny, to extremely large, in any number of beautiful resonating tones.

Bamboo chimes- listening to the light clanking of bamboo gives way to a tropical, relaxing feel, as well as the added delight to the eye.

Glass wind chimes- many colorful glass chimes and mobiles provide a gentle tinkling in the breeze and beautiful patterns in the sun.

Kinetic wind sculptures- watch the graceful movement of a sculpture propelled by the wind, silent and graceful.

Windbells- single colorful pendants in many sizes with occasional ringing in the breeze- beautiful to look at.

Weathervanes- works of art to adorn your garden, shed or home, in copper or iron.

Solar indoor chimes- if you live in urban areas, there are still choices for condo living and spaces with no outdoor areas. Hang one on the window or tabletop chimes.

Windsocks and flags- enjoy colorful fun playful art flowing in the wind.

There is virtually something for anyone wanting to learn from one of natures gifts: soothing winds


Source by Nancy A Johnson


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