WoW Profession Guide – What’s the Best Profession For a Warrior?

Warriors, well-known as the primary tanks in any raiding team, can be a surprisingly good DPS class. Because all Warriors switch to plate armor at level 40, almost any WoW profession guide will recommend mining and blacksmithing as an ideal profession choice. However, these are far from your only options as mining can be (on the best of days) a tedious experience.

Depending on your playing style, you may find that a profession like Herbalism and Alchemy would suit you better in both your wallet and your leveling style.

Mining and Blacksmithing

Because all Warriors wear plate armor, one of the most obvious profession combinations is Mining and Blacksmithing. Mining can be a great source of gold on its own as the bots that once mined ore have been banned by Blizzard, driving the prices of ore stacks up in the Auction House. Mining can also give you a nice little buff called Toughness, which can up your Stamina by 50. As a blacksmith, Warriors can create many extremely useful items such as weapons, armor sets, and shields. In order to begin leveling Blacksmithing, only a Forge and a Blacksmith Hammer is required. Both small villages and large cities generally have forges available. Eventually, a player has to make the decision on whether to specialize in Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing. For the quickest leveling speed, it is recommended to choose Armorsmithing as sets give better bonuses than weapons. However, many smiths make more gold as a Weaponsmith so players less concerned with leveling speed may find it the better choice.

Herbalism and Alchemy

While Herbalism and Alchemy isn’t as common of a profession choice for Warriors, they can both be very useful for raids (and Warriors are one of the most valuable classes for raids and instances). Many Warriors enjoy choosing these two professions because they are very good for making gold. Everything that you create and all of your excess mats can be sold for a good profit in the Auction House. The healing potions and elixers that Alchemy can provide will allow a Warrior to be lest dependent on Priests and Paladins by having an emergency healing solution during long boss fights. Flasks can be especially useful as their effect continues on even after death. Since Herbalism also can give you a useful buff, Life Blood, which heals for approximately 2000hp over the period of 5 seconds, Herbalist Warriors can head into battle confident in their ability to tank their way through any boss.


The best choice for leveling speed for Warriors is most certainly Mining and Blacksmithing. Inscription, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering all have their place in terms of usefulness for Warriors. Enchanting can allow a Warrior to add enchantments to shields, weapons, and armor–and of course, ring enchants, which can only be done by Enchantors on themselves. As a Jewelcrafter, Warriors could craft unique gems for some serious stat enhancements.

However, as useful as all of these items are, most of them are probably best left for Auction House browsing as you won’t get near as much use out of them as a Blacksmithing/Mining combo or Herbalism/Alchemy.

Source by Alice Drescher


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