How to Control Panic Attacks With Aromatherapy

There are many theories on how to control panic attacks. One common problem in coming up with a simple solution is not knowing the root cause of an episode. The triggers that put someone in such an intense state of fear and stress are sometimes way beyond the person experiencing the situation to figure out. It might be necessary for a person to work with a psychologist in order to get to the root cause of their anxiety.

However some people are hesitant to take the step of talking to a professional counselor about their problem. They may have a fear of the unknown. That is, they may fear finding out something about themselves that may lead to a major change in their life. The stress of thoughts of such uncertainty may itself send someone into the feeling of helplessness that intense anxiety can bring.

Each individual must take their own baby steps to get to that place of growth for their own healing. So, sometimes a person may only be looking for a bandaid rather than surgery for their problem. Why bleed when they can effectively cover and soothe the hurt and let it take its own time to form new skin, they may ask themselves.

Aromatherapy can be one such way of soothing fear. This form of self-help is very viable and can keep a person progressing until they are ready for stronger solutions. It has been shown anecdotally and clinically that the sense of smell can be a trigger of memory.

The nose is the channel for the strongest of the five senses. The olfactory sense is capable of being stimulated by scents in the present moment that can lead a person’s mind back to a time in their past. The smell alone can conjure up detailed pictures and specific words of events long forgotten by the conscious mind.

The memories can be pleasant or they can be harsh. In either case the important connecting factor is that it is an aroma that is bringing on the sensations. The situation the person is experiencing is only based on present thoughts of a past event. Yet, the mind will can still react to it mentally as though it is in the now. The body has the same capability. These reactions are similar to the way one would react in the midst of a stress episode.

However, as it was mentioned earlier the feelings brought on can be good or bad. With the use of scents one does not only have to be the passive recipient of remembrances. By consciously using aromatherapy an individual can train their body and mind to react in positive ways to a chosen olfactory stimulus.

Specifically, to learn how to control panic attacks a sufferer would inhale a calming scent such as lavender. The light flowery scent would be taken in nasally when the person is in a period of self-control. The lavender would then be purposely smelled during a panic attack in order to trigger a person back to a more pleasant and positive state of mind. This is one solution that a person could incorporate into their healing model.

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