Why The FDA And Drug Companies Hide Natural Remedies

While the FDA is designed to protect the consumer base, drug companies manage to manipulate FDA regulations in order to hide natural remedies from the general public. As Kevin Trudeau explains in his book Natural Cures, pharmaceutical companies are interested only in their profits while the FDA manages to inadvertently protect these profits through the regulations designed to maintain control over drug distribution.

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money. These corporations are designed to manufacture drugs and pharmaceuticals for the medical industry and consumers in order to create profit. The profit derived from their products is a result of patents that allow each company to monopolize the market for their drug for a given period of time. This means that drug companies create products that they wish to sell, in large quantities, to the public in order to gain as much profit as possible within the window of the patent. As Kevin Trudeau discusses in his book Natural Cures, pharmaceutical companies will go to any lengths in order to produce profit for their business. For many years, drug companies marketed their products directly to doctors who then proceeded to offer these prescriptions to their patients. Only recently have companies begun to market their drugs to consumers, creating an even larger demand for these expensive, patented medications. Since pharmaceutical industries cannot patent natural remedies or cures, they have no need to educate the public on this topic and prefer to hide any resources touting benefits of natural cures. No large industry can profit from natural cures and, since pharmaceutical companies are designed around profit, they will hide information from the public regarding cheap effective alternatives to their product.

Natural Cures goes on to explain that the FDA takes this one step further by regulating only pharmaceutical drugs, perpetuating the profits and strength of big drug companies. The FDA has no means to regulate natural products that occur in nature and can therefore not determine their quality or consistency in the marketplace. As a result, the FDA only approves pharmaceuticals as treatments or cures for disease. This means that the FDA manages to protect the profits of the drug companies while preventing the consumer from gaining access to cheap, effective natural cures. Furthermore, since only drugs are approved for medical treatment, doctors are only educated and taught about pharmaceuticals, leaving little or no room for alternative remedies and cures to diseases. The cycle continues with the drug companies continuing to use their profits to grow their market for their product through commercials and pharmaceutical representatives, creating an even higher demand while suppressing all information for alternative medicine. Drug companies run on money and there is no money in natural cures.

Both the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are interested in controlling lab-created drugs, ignoring and suppressing the benefits of natural remedies. Kevin Trudeau’s book, Natural Cures, explains in detail the umbrella conditions created by these industries in order to control the medical industry, drug company profits, and prevent natural remedies and cures from entering the marketplace.

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